3 Nursing Homes to Avoid


When you’re looking for a place for your elderly loved ones, you want to find the best of the best. You want to know that they will be well cared for and receive the time and attention that they need. As you peruse your options and visit some of the places you’re interested in for your loved one, here are 3 types of nursing homes to avoid:

Inspection Failures

Every nursing home needs to pass inspections that contain over 180 safety standards, which cover healthcare, medications, staff training, resident well-being, food preparation, fire safety, and more. Many places fail inspections, but they continue to stay open. Make sure that you choose a place that has passed inspections.

Too Many Abuse Cases

Although many cases go unreported, there are lots of cases of abuse in nursing homes. The abuse could be physical or psychological. It could stem from neglect or financial exploitation. Abuse could be between residents, or it could come from caregivers. Since many cases don’t get reported, you need to be careful and really observe the place when you visit.

Overpopulated Facilities

With the growing number of elderly people moving to assisted living centers and nursing homes, these facilities are becoming overcrowded. Many of these people rely on Medicaid and Medicare to cover their costs, which means that the facilities try to pack in as many people as possible to get the financial coverage they need to run the place. Overcrowding can lead to neglect and other problems.

In order to find the best place for your loved ones, you need to do your research and visit the place in person. Make sure that the place has passed inspections, are free of abuse cases, and is not overpopulated. Then, make sure that the place is a great fit for your loved one and his or her needs.

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