3 Types of Activities Found at Nursing Homes


As you look for a nursing home for your loved one, something that you should look into is the social calendar that they offer. Each facility will have a list of activities that they offer on a weekly basis, and there are other activities that they offer as events arise in the community. Here are some of the types of activities that you can expect:


It’s great to get simple activities together that allow residents to get together and mix and mingle with their neighbors. Games are a great way to do this. Some places offer Bingo nights, and others offer Bunco, Rummy, and other card games that people enjoy.

Movie Nights

Movie nights can be a great, relaxing activity for residents to enjoy together. Whether they are enjoying the classics or catching up on the latest films, it gives residents the opportunity to enjoy movies together.


Crafts are also a popular weekly activity, which allows many of the residents to use their talents. This could include woodworking or knitting. Crafts are typically chosen based on the holiday or the month in which they are done.

Think about the types of activities that your loved one enjoys, and choose a nursing home that will pack the calendar with events that will keep your loved one busy. Whether it involves field trips around the community or nightly events at the facility, your loved one can enjoy the activities that are offered.

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