3 Ways to Ease the Transition into a Nursing Home


It’s not easy to abruptly change one’s way of living, and moving into a nursing home is no exception. However, there are a few ways you can help your loved one ease into the transition and make the change much easier to deal with.

Maintain Constant Communication

While most nursing home facilities have a great staff, who will help your loved one with day-to-day tasks and whatever they need help with, nothing beats a familiar face. After they move in, visit as often as possible to make sure they’re adjusting properly and all their needs are met. They need to know you care deeply for them and their living situation, and frequent visits show you want to be involved.

Encourage Social Participation

When your loved one moves into a new place where they most likely don’t know anyone, it’s easy for them to feel unmotivated to participate or meet new people. It’s important for you to encourage them to participate in social activities, if their health allows, as they will be able to lean on new friends for emotional support when you can’t be there.

Act as an Advocate

If your loved one is in a place where they aren’t able to communicate their needs and wants fully, it’s essential you’re there to step in and communicate their desired care plan to the staff. Even if they can communicate what they want, having a backup can really help ease the transition and help keep their routine similar to what they’re used to.


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