3 Ways to Ease the Transition to a Nursing Home


You may be worried about moving your parent into a nursing home. The move is often a jarring one for the individual as it represents not only a change in address but a change in their stage of life. However, nursing homes can be happy places where people are able to interact with others, learn new hobbies, and enjoy round-the-clock care.

Ease Into It

Instead of moving in all in one day, take some time with the transition. For weeks before your parent’s move-in date, you can attend meetings, meals, or activities in the facility. The more comfortable your parent feels before they move in, the easier they will transition.

Familiar Items

Many nursing homes allow an individual to decorate their room with paintings from their home, sheets and blankets, and even curtains from their home. Discuss your parent’s desires with them when it comes time to move. What do they want to take? What will help them feel at home? Make sure these items are placed in the nursing home so that he or she feels settled.

Visit Often

Many times, those who move into nursing homes have feelings of abandonment. Even though the move is meant to help them and provide better care, they need reassurance. Visit often and take other family members with you, or work out a schedule so he or she has constant visitors. You can also call and speak to them during the day. Send cards and letters that they can hang up in their room. When possible, take them to family parties to help them feel included.

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