What Amenities Does a Nursing Home Provide?


Deciding to move a loved on to a care facility can be a difficult decision for family members to make. The more you know and understand about the nursing home, the better prepared you’ll feel to make that decision. Nursing homes offer several amenities that can’t be found at home. Read on to learn just a few of the many amenities a nursing home can provide.

Nursing Care

From medication monitoring to helping with general pain and discomfort, a qualified nursing staff is there for your loved one 24 hours a day. Having many medical needs met on-site can be a calming reassurance that your loved one is in a good place. It’s also important to note there are drivers available to chauffeur your loved one to and from doctor appointments as needed.

Physical Therapy

Many aches and pains can be removed or managed through physical therapy sessions. With a room and staff member dedicated to helping the elderly move better and feel better, your loved one will be reminded and encouraged to do their daily exercises. Physical therapy is also beneficial to stroke victims and can help them regain some or all their motor skills.


A nursing home is not all medical help and physical therapy. The staff provides activities almost every day of the week for all skill levels. Some nursing homes have recreation rooms and some even include bowling allies. Knowing what your loved one is interested in can help you decide on a nursing home that’s right for them.

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