5 Modifications to Make Your Home Safer for Elderly


Of the population over 65 years of age, one-third of them fall every year. This percentage continues to go up as people get older. Many of these falls and other accidents can be prevented by taking the time to modify your home to make it safer. Here are 5 things that you can do alter your home for your loved one’s safety:


If your loved one uses a walker or wheelchair, it would be helpful to remove the shield and widen the door frame if possible.


Install handrails along all of your stairwells and anywhere that has steps that your loved one may have to climb.

Bathroom Grab Bar

Grab bars next to the toilet and in the shower can help your loved one sit down and stand up on his or her own. You may also want to add slip-resistant stickers to the floor of your shower.

Shower Seats

Consider installing a portable seat in your shower, so your loved one can relax without having to sit all the way down in the tub. Along with the seat, it would be helpful to provide your loved one with a removable showerhead.

Levered Faucet

Use levered faucets on your sinks and in your tub for easy grip to allow your loved one to turn the water on and off. If your loved one enjoys these faucets, you may want to consider levered doorknobs also.

When it comes to caring for elderly loved ones, you want to do whatever you can to help them feel safe and comfortable. Consider contacting LakePoint Nursing & Rehabilitation Center to learn about how we can help your elderly loved ones.

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