Activities Available to Nursing Home Residents


Nursing homes are far more than just a place for elderly citizens to sleep, eat, and receive daily medical attention. They are communities designed to help those in their golden years interact with others in the same stage of life. To this end, most nursing homes offer many activities to help residents stay physical, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Here are just a few activities that are typically available.

Movie Nights

Many nursing homes will screen movies one or more nights a week for residents. This allows them to relax and socialize with friends while watching an old favorite, or perhaps one of the newer movies to hit the cinema. It’s good for residents to get out and engage in such social situations; these types of activities help to ward off loneliness and even depression.

Walking Clubs

For those residents who are more physically capable, many nursing homes offer walking clubs. Residents will get together at designated times and take casual strolls around the property, often accompanied by staff members. These walks are easy and relaxing and a great way to help residents stay physically fit.

Game Nights

Some nursing homes also offer game nights, where residents can play a variety of games with one another. Not only does this help them to socialize regularly, but the games engage them mentally, helping to keep minds sharp and aware.

These activities are all designed to give nursing home residents a better quality of life for however long they will be staying in the home.

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