Assisted Living: Deciding When It’s Time


It may be hard to admit when a loved one needs additional care, but there are definite signs to watch for. Here are changes to look for that may help you recognize when it’s time to look into assisted living.

Physical Limitations

It’s natural to slow down with age. However, it becomes a cause for concern when a loved one is having troubles with mobility, suffers frequent slips or falls, has difficulty standing from a seated position, or gets winded with even minor exertion.

Neglected Hygiene

It may be time to consider assisted living if a loved one is having trouble maintaining personal hygiene. This isn’t typically due to forgetting or getting careless, but due to an inability to keep it up. You may your loved one wearing dirty clothes, because it may become difficult to complete laundry, particularly if it requires carrying laundry up and down stairs. Likewise, if it seems your loved one isn’t bathing as frequently, it could have to do with not being able to maneuver into or out of the tub without assistance.

Housework Not Done

If you notice that the home of a loved one is becoming increasingly more cluttered, this may indicate a problem. Housework can be very physically demanding, and pushing a vacuum, putting items away, doing the dishes, taking out the trash, or cleaning a litterbox, can become too taxing.

Personality Changes

While personalities evolve throughout a lifetime, there are personality changes that are a cause for concern. Be observant of warning signs such as increased forgetfulness, irritability, depression, or isolation. Any of these could indicate the onset of a medical issue.

While it’s easier to deny a loved one’s increasing limitations, there is help available. Assisted living facilities offer seniors that extra assistance needed while allowing them to maintain their independence.

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