Assisted Living Options That Maintain Your Independence


When you think about assisted living, you might think about a nursing home with full-time nursing staff and hospital beds, but there are so many more options! In fact, assisted living can mean getting the help you need without giving up your independence. When shopping for independent living facilities, it’s very important to consider what help you need. Look for a facility that can give you that help without taking over. For your own feelings of self-worth and purpose, you must keep doing what you can.

Assisted living facilities can offer assistance in food preparation, housecleaning, shopping, and personal care. Sometimes assistance is needed because seniors feel lonely and isolated, and the assistance needed is social interaction. Whatever the need is, it is important to choose an assisted living facility that helps you with your needs while encouraging you to take care of yourself to the extent that you can. Aging does not diminish your need for accomplishment or your desire to be independent.

Consider the following:

  • Privacy: Does the facility allow you to have private space that you can make your own by hanging pictures or bringing your favorite furniture?
  • Amenities: Does the facility offer the amenities you need while allowing you to maintain your independence? Are there laundry facilities, meal plans and private kitchens, housekeeping help, and assistance with personal shopping? Is there a fitness center? Are pets welcome?
  • Location: Does the location of the facility promote being outdoors, walking, enjoying nature, accessibility, and exploration? Do you feel safe? Are there other amenities nearby?
  • Community: Are people friendly? Are there ways provided to meet and mingle with others? Is it easy to socialize and make friends?
  • Staff: Is the staff helpful and professional? Do they respect your desire to find a balance between independence and assistance? Will you receive the medical services you need?

Making a decision to move into an assisted living facility is a big step. It is imperative that you do the research, know what you need, and find a new home that respects your desire to stay independent for as long as possible.


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