Assisted Living or Nursing Home: How to Decide


If you have a parent, spouse, or other loved one in your life who has come to the point of needing extra day-to-day care, it can be a difficult decision choosing between assisted living or nursing home care. While both are great care options, one may be better for your personal situation, so it’s important to make an informed decision. Learn about what kind of care each one entails and how that can help you make the best choice for your loved one.

Assisted Living

Assisted living helps your loved one maintain the home-like environment they have come to love throughout the years, while offering help when needed. Assisted living is meant to make life a little easier by helping with daily tasks that may have become too difficult to do alone or pose excessive risks. These tasks may include bathing, dressing, general hygiene, cooking meals, laundry, other housekeeping tasks, and much more.

Nursing Home

If your loved one requires a greater level of care, including round-the-clock medical attention, a nursing home does just that. Highly-trained staff of nursing homes provide personalized attention to each patient, adapting care to each unique need. Nursing home care can be short term after hospitalization, or on a long-term basis if necessary.

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