Best Personal Items for a Resident to Bring When Admitted


When preparing to move into a nursing home, there are a few personal items that are important to bring with you. These include items that will help you feel more at home and more comfortable. Be aware, though, that items can go missing or be damaged while at the nursing home.

Comfort Items

First, you need to pack your personal items. This includes clothing, and any special blankets or other belongings that will help you feel more comfortable during your stay. While the nursing home will provide all the bedding and linens required, you may feel more comfortable with a special blanket or another item. For a short term stay, bring clothing that will be compatible with any therapy you may receive. Sweatpants and other comfortable clothing items are ideal. Write your name on each clothing item you bring so that you lessen the chances of them going missing, especially if you plan on using the laundry services available.

Personal Items

You will want to pack your own toiletries including any soaps, shampoo and conditioner, razor, lotions, etc. Photographs, magazines, and books, are all great items that are easy to bring and occupy yourself with when you have extra time. You may not want to bring original photographs in case they are misplaced or damaged. Contact your local nursing home for further guidance on what to bring with you.

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