Dealing with the Guilt of Admitting a Loved One


Admitting a loved one to a senior care facility is a difficult decision for anyone to make, and many family members end up with heavy feelings of guilt over the decision. These family members may feel that they’re shirking their responsibility to care for their loved one, or they may even feel that they have betrayed their family member. If you’re feeling guilt over your decision to admit a loved one to a nursing home, keep reading for some suggestions on how to cope with it.

Remind Yourself Why

There’s a reason that you made this decision, and odds are that it wasn’t just out of convenience for yourself. Remind yourself of all the reasons why you admitted your loved one to the facility. Perhaps they needed specialized medical care that you could not provide. Maybe your family and other personal responsibilities were being neglected, because you were dedicating so much of your time to your loved one’s care. Whatever the reasons may have been, remind yourself of them whenever you begin to feel guilty. This should help you to remember that admitting your family member to a nursing home was in his or her best interest.

Talk to Them

It can be very helpful to sit down and talk with your loved one about the guilt you are feeling over this decision. Odds are that your loved one wouldn’t want you to be feeling this way, so speaking to him or her can offer you a lot of comfort. Your family member may be able to let you know that he or she is perfectly happy with this arrangement, and that he or she understands your reasons for making this decision.

If you’re still debating over whether or you should admit your loved one to a care facility, give us a call.

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