Does Insurance Cover Nursing Home Living?


Making the switch from at-home living to nursing home living can be a difficult transition. When you start to incorporate all of the costs into the equation, things can become even more difficult. A nursing home might be the only choice, but prices may not be in your favor. You’re asking yourself how you can possibly afford all of this without the help of insurance. What all will your insurance cover when it comes to nursing home living? 

In 2016, the average cost of a shared room in a nursing home was $225 per day. That can add up quick. Many different amenities are offered through nursing homes, three full course meals, constant nurses on staff, family rooms, games; the list goes on and on.


Medicare is not required to pay for any long-term nursing home living. They offer benefits that lean towards the need of skilled nursing care for a limited amount of time. Rehabilitation centers are found in this category of nursing home living. Most people do not stay in rehabilitation centers for more than a few months. Medicare will pay for twenty days of full care. After that, they will cover only 80 percent of the cost for eight days. For people with Medicare Supplemental Insurance, your care will be covered for a 100-day maximum.


Medicaid is the largest single payer for nursing home living. Through the help of the state, they are able to provide payment for at least 40 percent of the total nursing home costs in the United States. Medicaid is a tested program. You will be subject to testing on your financial records and various other things. If an individual passes, their nursing home living will be covered in full.

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