Enhancing Quality of Life in Nursing Homes


At LakePoint Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, our goal is to increase quality of life for all of our residents. Studies have shown there are a number of different factors that affect a patient’s quality of life, including the following.

  • The amount of personal attention they receive from the staff.┬áThe staff should interact with residents in ways that maintain and enhance self-esteem and self-worth. Each patient should be treated as an individual, with individual needs.
  • Increased participation in social activities such as bingo, singing, exercise, and art classes. Residents should be able to choose activities based on their personal interests.
  • Having meaningful person-to-person relationships with other residents and staff.
  • Engaging in mentally stimulating activities like reading newspapers, doing crossword puzzles, or using a computer.
  • Nursing homes have a reputation for being cold and institutional. Residents respond positively to a more comfortable, home-like environment. For example, being able to decorate their rooms with personal items and furniture from home.
  • Maintaining spiritual wellbeing through religious practices, prayer, or meditation.
  • Living in a facility with an “open door policy,” which encourages family members to visit as often as possible.
  • Preserving one’s dignity. The staff should encourage and assist residents to dress in their own clothes and keep up with personal grooming.
  • Maintaining a sense of autonomy.┬áResidents take initiative and make choices for their own lives and care.

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