Exercise Programs for Nursing Home Residents


Physical fitness in the latter years of your life is extremely important. While your exercise goals in your younger years may have been to maintain a trim and attractive physique, when you become a senior citizen, exercise is essential to your body’s ability to function on a day-to-day basis. It helps you to remain flexible and strong, keeps your joints from becoming stiff, and promotes better mental health. If you’re looking for some exercises you can do as a resident of a nursing home, here are a few suggestions.

Water Aerobics

The reason many senior citizens stop exercising is that a lot of exercises are high-impact, causing stress on joints and limbs alike. Taking your exercises to the pool lessens the impact of your movements, making them more comfortable for you to do. Plus, the water adds resistance to a lot of normally easy motions, helping you to build muscle.


While you may not be able to deal with the strain that running puts on your feet and joints anymore, many nursing home residents still enjoy the benefits of a brisk stroll. This gets your heart rate up, pumps oxygen through your body, and allows you to get out and enjoy nature as you exercise.

Chair Exercises

Many forms of exercise can be modified to accommodate the more limited strength and mobility that comes with aging. In fact, there are aerobics classes that allow you to sit on or support yourself with a chair throughout the class so that you can work out without worrying about losing your balance or overexerting yourself.

A lot of nursing homes offer groups or classes for the kinds of exercises mentioned above, so be sure to ask if your nursing home offers them!

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