Exercise Programs for Nursing Home Residents


Residents in nursing homes are generally placed in an assisted living facility due to a physical or mental limitation that prevents them from caring for themselves on a daily basis. With this in mind, many residents and their family members believe that physical exercise is beyond what the resident is capable of. This is not true. There are many exercise programs out there designed to help keep elderly individuals in good health and physical shape. We’d like to give you a very brief introduction to a few of these programs.

Seated Exercise

Not all exercise must be done on your feet, and learning to strengthen muscles from a seated position can be very important for elderly individuals who have issues with their balance. Seated exercise can include simply lifting or lowering arms and legs, with or without a weight, to loosen joints and strengthen muscles.

Aquatic Aerobics

Exercising in a pool helps the elderly to take weight off of their legs and feet while they engage in muscle-strengthening and aerobic exercises. This improves overall health, but in a low-impact environment that is gentle on aging bodies.

Gentle Walking and Biking

For those nursing home residents that have a little more mobility and strength in their limbs, gentle bike riding and easy walking is a great way to get exercise and keep their bodies fit. However, nursing home residents should always pay close attention to their bodies and acknowledge what their limits are; attempting too much can lead to serious injury.

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