How Families Can Make It Easier for Nursing Home Patients


Most people are aware that, for the elderly, making the move into a nursing home is a big deal. Not only are they leaving a home they have probably been in for many years, they are also leaving a way of life. After a lifetime of caring for themselves and others, the matriarchs and patriarchs of their family must accept care and help from strangers. This can seriously affect their self-worth and pride. As a group of professionals who pride ourselves on our relationships with our patients, we think it is important to help families understand how to make this transition easier for everyone.

Time Does Heal Wounds

The first piece of advice we offer to our residents and their families is to be patient. This is a serious transition. It will affect the resident and the rest of the family. There will be days, especially in the beginning, which are extremely hard. For many of our residents, feelings of anger, resentment, and betrayal are not uncommon. We always advise family members that they should not take arguments personally. As time passes, everyone gets used to and more comfortable with the arrangement and things certainly take a turn for the better.

Ask for Support

The second piece of advice we offer is to use us as a resource. We have seen just about everything under the sun and, as experienced professionals, we have a lot of information that can help families through the adjustment period. Concerns about mental and emotional health are common during these kinds of changes and, for that reason, we have staff members specifically trained to assist families get through their challenges.

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