How Memory Care Is Reinventing Assisted Living


Senior womanThe thought of moving your loved one into assisted living can be a difficult task to face. When you hear the words “assisted living,” beautiful images probably don’t quite flow to your mind. Throughout the years, pop culture has put the idea into our heads of white walls and nurses in white uniforms feeding medicine to elders in white gowns all day long. While in reality, assisted living is not nearly as drab as they’d made us believe, memory care has still completely reinvented assisted living. Here are a few of the many reasons why memory care has taken over and reinvented assisted living.

Care Is Personalized

Family members often get worried that their loved one won’t receive the one-on-one care they deserve due to the number of people living in the assisted living facilities. Memory care aims to find ways to make families feel like they aren’t in an institution. Thus they create personal care plans for each resident and the staff gets to know the resident on a personal level.

Activities Galore

Memory care facilities have provided their residents with an immense amount of daily and weekly activities. Most memory care facilities even allow unplanned activities for spur-of-the-moment ideas and desires of their residents. Some activities are tailored for specific individuals or groups of people in order to help them with a specific set of memory skills, or to build self-confidence. Social interaction is a large part of memory care facilities.

Freedom and Safety Combined

Memory care facilities understand the importance of freedom. Residents are allowed to roam, move around, and do as they please. Hallways are usually color-coded with design features that promote easy navigation for the residents.

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