How Memory Care Is Reinventing Assisted Living


The number of memory-related issues among the elderly is this country are on the rise, and have been for the last decade. This has changed the way the staffs at facilities like ours function, and the way we design our buildings and programs. If you have a loved one dealing with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or another form of memory trouble, then you need to be aware of how we cater things to handle these delicate situations.

Easier Navigation in the Buildings

One of the main worries for the loved ones of Alzheimer’s patients is that they might get lost. When the short and long term memory centers of the brain malfunction, it can be very easy for these tenants to get confused and wander off. We have designed our buildings to be easy to navigate in the following ways to help with this:

  • Color-coded hallways
  • Large signs
  • Circular designs
  • Locks on restricted doors

Increased Monitoring

This is by far the biggest change that has happened, and the most effective. We have invested in camera systems so that we can better monitor what is happening. This is also helpful to find patients that go missing. By pulling up our surveillance feed, it is easier to spot where they have gone.

Psychiatric Care

Patients who struggle with memory problems can get very angry. It can feel frustrating to never know where things are or to even feel that people are lying to you. To help combat the fatigue, depression, anger, and other strong emotions, we keep psychiatric staff members here ready to help.

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