How Staying Active Can Prevent Falls for Seniors


While muscle loss is inevitable as we age, muscle weakness is not. Muscles become weak when they are not engaged. This is why it can be hard for the elderly to stand after being seated, to walk without assistance, and why seniors experience more falls. Without regular exercise, muscles become weak and unable to perform actions that were previously routine. To combat muscle weakness and prevent falls, seniors should remain active. There are any number of activities that seniors can do to build muscle strength.


This can be done anytime, anywhere, and doesn’t require any special equipment apart from a good pair of tennis shoes. Make sure your shoes have good traction and support. Even leisurely strolls around the neighborhood build strength, help with circulation, and lower stress levels.

Water Aerobics

There are many pool-based classes geared towards seniors. These are great low impact workouts. So if you have problems with achy knees, a sore hip, or weak ankles, pool workouts will help you build strength while being easy on the joints.

Tai Chi

Taking martial arts as a senior? Absolutely! Tai chi employs slow movements that build strength and help with balance, making this a natural choice for seniors who want to prevent falls.


A focus on flexibility, strength, and balance make yoga an appealing choice for seniors. Yoga is beneficial for the young and elderly, the novice and the extreme athlete alike, so whether you’ve never worked out before or you used to be a professional athlete, yoga is a great choice to increase your flexibility and improve your balance to decrease the chance of a fall.

Aging and a fear of falls is no reason to remain sedentary. Staying active through the golden years is the best preventative measure you can take to combat muscle loss and weakness and prevent the likelihood of a fall.

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