How to Know if Nursing Homes Are Right for You


Aging is hard on the body. As you get older, it will get harder and harder for you to complete the tasks and responsibilities that you have before you on a daily basis. Here at Lake Point Nursing & Rehabilitation, we have worked hard to know how to help people in your very situation. Our facility is not right for everyone, but we have helped a lot of people. The following are signs that you might be in need of some of our services:

  • Limited mobility: Movement is needed to complete most of the things you need to do in your life. When your body starts to make this hard, it might be time to seek out some extra help. Limited mobility is a big sign you could be a good candidate for a nursing home.
  • Chronic illnesses: Medical issues could start to pop up at a higher rate as you get older. If you are already dealing with some chronic illnesses, then this is a good sign that having round-the-clock medical attention could be a good thing for you.
  • Lack of support: In many cases, people can get help from family members and friends. This is often the preferred source of support in old age. That being said, there are some out there who don’t have family members capable of handling the responsibility of housing an elderly family member. Our staff is happy to adopt people in this situation into our family of caretakers.

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