How to Pay for a Nursing & Rehabilitation Center


We know that a skilled nurse and attentive health care professionals are hugely beneficial. We also know that people can sometimes be terrified of facing yet another large medical bill. However, there are ways to help cover the expense of a nursing and rehabilitation center. You don’t have try and tough it out or avoid care, simply because you’re afraid of the cost. You should be able to afford the help that you need, and you may be able to get more assistance in managing the bills than you ever imagined.

Medicare & Medicaid

When recovering from an illness or an injury, Medicare is quite helpful. Although Medicare is not intended to assist with long-term care, it can pay 100% of the first twenty days of care. After that, the coverage is reduced and it generally won’t pay for anything after the 100-day maximum is reached. However, should an individual qualify, Medicaid can pay for 100% of nursing home costs at a Medicaid-approved facility. If you don’t know whether or not you qualify for Medicaid, you should be sure to contact a local Medicaid office. If you’ve already been approved and are receiving Medicaid, you can check your area to find approved providers.

Other Assistance

If you have insurance through work, it may or may not pay for a nursing and rehabilitation center. Those that can help generally do so only for a limited time, and you’ll have to confirm that the facility is in your network. However, veterans are able to use their VA benefits for care. The Aid and Attendance Benefit is provided to veterans who served during war time. War-time veterans can use the financial aid for nursing home care or assisted living. Veterans also have the option to use VA nursing homes.

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