Ideas for Assisted Living Activities


When people begin to consider the option of assisted living, they fear boredom. You might be asking yourself, “What’s there to do all day in assisted living?” Participation in meaningful activities is extremely important to the physical and mental wellbeing of anyone. Maintaining an active, physical lifestyle helps fight against depression and promotes cognitive and social stimulation.

If you’re looking for a few ideas for activities in assisted living activities, this list will help you.

  • Fitness, Yoga, and Walking Clubs: Yoga and tai chi provide a gentler stretching and relaxing option for seniors. Yoga classes can even be tailored specifically for different groups of seniors with physical limitations. Both yoga and tai chi improve the flexibility and balance of everyone involved. They also help reduce your stress levels.
  • Wii Sports: Using Wii sports such as bowling or dancing will not only help promote movement among seniors, it will also give them the option to have fun with it in a socialized manner. Interactive computer gaming systems can help seniors boost their hand-eye coordination.
  • Pet Therapy: Not all assisted living locations allow their residents to have animals. Some residents will miss being around animals more than others. You can contact different organizations or animal shelters, and they will bring in dogs or cats for therapy sessions throughout the week.
  • Art Classes: There are various forms of art classes that can be included in the daily activities at an assisted living facility. Free painting, papier-mâché, and basic design are all classes that can be taught to seniors and provide them with a fun activity that allows them to express themselves and promotes their creativity.

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