Ideas for Assisted Living Activities


As the holidays are coming, it is important to help the tenants of assisted living communities feel festive and happy. This can be a hard time of year for many people, so we like to try and make our clients here at LakePoint Nursing & Rehabilitation feel excited and remembered. Some great ideas you could consider are as follows:

Yoga Classes

Help the tenants get some exercise, flexibility, and strength by hosting some gentle yoga classes.

Talent Shows

These people have had a lifetime to perfect some wonderful talents. Even those who can no longer perform their talents can tell some great jokes or some excellent stories. Give them a chance to showcase these things.

Guest Performers

There are a lot of performing groups in your area who would love the chance to do another concert this season. Talk to local dance group and choirs to see if they would be willing to fit in a concert at the facility. This will be a great way for them to serve the community, and the tenants would love to see youth perform.

Cooking Classes

One of the main complaints that comes out of nursing homes is that the food is not terribly exciting. It can be a lot of fun to have a chef come in and offer a cooking class. You will have to be sure that the chosen meal being taught is one that will work with any dietary restrictions that are present.

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