Is There Privacy for Loved Ones in a Nursing Home?


At first glance, it may seem impersonal to send your loved ones to a nursing home to live with other residents, but the reality is that the communal experience is generally a benefit to residents rather than a detriment. There are other factors to consider, though, such as the privacy of the residents.

Basic Rights

All nursing home residents, like any other American citizen, have certain basic rights and freedoms. There’s no reason that the privacy of the residents would be infringed upon other than medical or other such necessary and consensual monitoring. Staff are obliged to treat their residents with respect and dignity and to encourage fellow residents to do the same.

Assurances of Privacy

If you want to be sure that the nursing home of your choice will actually treat your loved ones with the privacy they deserve, do your research into the company. Make sure it’s a legitimate organization with licensed staff members that has a solid online reputation. After reading reviews of the company, take a tour of the facility, which any upstanding nursing home will allow. Talk to the staff about the different kinds of care they offer and discuss your privacy concerns. While you’re there, you should be able to judge how the residents are being treated, which should help you come to a decision.

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