Is There Privacy for Loved Ones in a Nursing Home?


Nursing homes can be busy places with lots of patients, so you may wonder how much privacy your loved one can hope for. Before you spend too much time worrying, you should know that all our residents’ privacy and confidentiality is protected by law.


We have personal and clinical records of your loved one that we are required to keep confidential. This includes information about their accommodations, medical treatments, written or phone communications, visits, meetings with family members or resident groups, and their personal care. Our patients retain the right to refuse the release of this information outside of the nursing home.


How much privacy your loved one has depends partially on their ability to care for themselves. For example, our patients who need help with every daily task are cared for throughout the day by our nursing staff. Our staff members will still announce their presence by knocking on the door or greeting them. When we care for our residents, we make sure that their privacy is being respected. For example, we always keep the door closed when we help them with personal care tasks.

If you’re concerned about privacy for your loved one, we recommend visiting them regularly, at varying times of day, and talking to them about their care. Our staff is also happy to answer any questions you have about your loved one.

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