Medical Care in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities


When you have to move your loved one into an assisted living facility or nursing home, you want much more for them than just a bed and 3 square meals a day. You want them to be comfortable and well cared for, but perhaps most importantly, you want their medical needs to be met. High-quality facilities have medical professionals on staff to help provide for the following types of medical needs.

Distribution of Medications

Many senior citizens are on several medications, and they may have a hard time remembering which pills they need to take at what times, and whether or not they have taken important medications that day. Certified care providers will help to keep track of your loved one’s medications to ensure they are taking everything they need to be taking, at the right times and in the right dosages.

Physical Therapy

Many nursing homes can also help your loved one with physical therapy exercises that will help to strengthen their aging muscles. Whether it is simply helping them to walk a certain distance every day, or ensuring they do specific exercises, these staff members will ensure your family member is well cared for.

Emergency Care

Staff members are also trained to deal with medical emergencies if and when they arise. They are able to provide immediate care, such as CPR, until emergency help can arise, or your loved one can get to a hospital.

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