Nursing Homes vs. Assisted Living Communities


Determining the best option for an elderly family member who can no longer live on his or her own is a difficult one. Some seniors’ needs require professional medical supervision, while others may only require limited assistance with daily routines. Understanding the differences between nursing homes and assisted living facilities allows loved ones to make the best choice for our senior family members.

Nursing homes provide 24-hour, skilled nursing care and are set up to provide services for seniors who are not ambulatory, are bedridden, or wheelchair bound, or who may have been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Some nursing homes offer rehabilitative, cognitive, and physical therapy services, as well.

Assisted living communities provide a level of independence for seniors by providing a safe and secure environment through staff supervision. These facilities provide 24-hour assistance for basic daily living needs, however, medical services are not available round-the-clock. Most assisted living communities provide private rooms, similar to apartments. They offer daily social, recreational, and creative activities, focusing on a more active lifestyle.

No matter the level of care needed, the staff at LakePoint Nursing & Rehabilitation Center understands that family members want the best for their elderly loved ones. It is worth the time to carefully research and consider not only the cost, but the atmosphere and cleanliness of each facility, and whether a facility offers the right living situation for a loved one.

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