Putting the “Home” in Nursing Homes


When it comes to satisfaction in life, we at LakePoint Nursing & Rehabilitation Center believe that satisfaction should extend through the later years. Even after retirement or when too ill to be active, people deserve a lifestyle that is fulfilling, comfortable, and homey. In order to achieve that, a good nursing home will find ways to put the “home” in its corridors and living areas.

Home Decor

Reminders of life before living in a nursing home are an important part of life satisfaction. Photos, mementos, and a place that can be made to encompass all that the individual is and has been are important for good mental health. A couple of photos on the wall are okay, but a space that reflects personality and helps the individual standout will seem more like home than a sterile place that has been decorated in a sterile, pseudo-home style.

Feels Like Home

While decorations are important, they aren’t what make a house a home. It is the interpersonal interactions that help people feel like they are at home. It is the everyday conversations, the sitting at breakfast, and the inevitable chores. In short, it is the love that makes a house a home, and when that can be replicated in the interactions between staff and patient, a nursing home can become a magical place to spend the twilight years.

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