Red Flags to Look for to Avoid Bad Nursing Homes


When the time comes to move your loved one into a nursing home, the most important thing is that they find a place where they can be happy and well cared for. Visiting prospective nursing homes in person is the best way to determine whether they’ll be a good fit. Here are 3 red flags to pay attention to during your visit.

Chaotic Atmosphere

A nursing home should be a place of peace where your loved one will be able to feel comfortable–not stressed out by a lot of commotion. While every nursing home will have an occasional resident causing a fuss, the overall atmosphere should be relaxed and orderly. Pay attention to constant loud noises or a sense of chaos or confusion in the hallways, as these can all be signs that the environment will be too stressful for your loved one.

Insulting Residents

When you talk to staff members, how do they talk about current residents? Do they make fun of them, or do you hear them badmouthing patients to you or to each other? These are definite signs to steer well clear of this facility. Staff members should be respectful towards their patients and show an interest in getting to know them on a personal level, like knowing the names of their family members.

Absent Staff Members

You can’t have a good nursing home without staff members around to take care of people. How many staff members do you see during your visit? Talk to an administrator to find out how many people are on staff at any given time, as well as how many residents are present. Knowing the ratio of staff to patients will give you a good idea of how much care your loved one will receive. On the other hand, if there don’t seem to be many staff members around–or if you can’t find an administrator to answer your questions–it’s probably a sign of insufficient care.

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