Short Term Stays Vs. Long Term Stays


Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are full of options for people who need a little extra care. They’re no longer just for seniors who can no longer live on their own. Most facilities offer both short term and long term stays for anyone needing special assistance.

Short Term Assistance

Most people who check into a nursing home for a short term stay are recovering from surgery or a severe illness or injury. Despite what you may think, nursing homes aren’t just for the elderly, either. Anyone of any age who has been in a severe accident or is recovering from surgery can take advantage of assisted living to help them with basic needs and mobility as well as physical therapy during their recovery. Stays are usually a few weeks long, although they can range anywhere from a few days to a few months.

Long Term Assistance

Long term stays at nursing homes are generally geared toward the elderly, although other people who cannot care for themselves–such as those with certain medical conditions–can make use of them as well. Staff members typically provide more supervision and receive special training to handle common conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Care That Fits Your Needs

Whatever your short term or long term care requirements, the nursing home you choose should be able to accommodate your needs. Some residents can be relatively independent and may only need help with a few select tasks. Others may need more constant supervision and more in-depth assistance, such as help with bathing or medications. Talk to the staff and discuss exactly what your needs are so they can provide the level of care you’re looking for.

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