Short Term Stays Vs. Long Term Stays


Nursing homes provide needed, compassionate care to many individuals across the country to help them live healthier, more fulfilled lives. Generally, nursing homes provide two types of care: short-term care and long-term care. At LakePoint Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, we understand when an individual might require one over the other.

Short-Term Care

Short-term care is usually for elderly individuals who are recovering from an illness or injury. Medical care is given, including required physical, occupational, or speech therapy. This might be post-surgery, following a stay in the hospital, or for other reasons. Short-term care is fairly economical for people with Medicare coverage. However, Medicare only offers short-term care if certain criteria are met. These stays are typically a few days to a few months.

Long-Term Care

Long-term care is necessary for patients that require care for a longer period than a few months. This might be due to a lengthier recovery period or a decline in health status. In the latter case, necessary medical attention and assistance with tasks of daily living are offered to allow the individual to live the most fulfilled life possible under the circumstances. This can be a huge relief for caretakers. Long-term care is typically not covered by Medicare, so other insurance coverage or private pay may be required to cover the costs.

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