Should Your Parent Be in a Nursing Home?


Watching a beloved parent get old and feeble can be one of the hardest and most confusing experiences in life. Here at LakePoint Nursing & Rehabilitation, we want to help if we can. We know that our facility is not for everyone, but we also know that there are a lot of people out there who could greatly benefit from helping their parent get to a nursing home like one of ours. We have listed below some signs that your parent might be a good candidate for a nursing home:

Memory Issues

A lot of psychological issues can appear as your parent gets older. If you have noticed your loved one experiencing memory issues, then we need you to know how dangerous this can be. At this point, your loved one will have a hard time caring for basic needs as the memory could let them down at any time.

Multiple Accidents

Falling down can cause tremendous issues for frail bones and joints. If your parent has fallen or had other accidents more than once, then it is a good time to seek help from one of our facilities.

Getting Lonely or Depressed

Being all alone can really have a negative effect on the elderly. If your parent is living all alone and has presented some signs of depression, then our establishments can help with this. Our staff is trained to help with this, and we offer some helpful social activities.

Limited Mobility

If moving around is getting increasingly difficult for your parent, then it means the time is coming when he will not be able to handle his most basic needs.

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