The Benefits of a Private Room


One of the big decisions when making the move to a nursing home is whether to choose a private or semi-private (shared) room. For most people, the benefits of a private room help make the transition easier.

Personal Space

When moving from one’s own home to a nursing home, you’re already losing a lot of your personal space. Having a private room at least gives you somewhere to call your own and fill with memories and mementos from your home. You’ll still have plenty of time to interact with people throughout the day, but you can have your own space when you want privacy as well. You can decide when the lights are on, where the temperature is set, and how loud the TV is playing. Nor will you have to deal with a neighbor who snores all night long!

Discuss Private Matters

Having a private room also makes it easier when you need to talk to your doctor and family. It can be uncomfortable to discuss certain issues in front of strangers or other non-family members. Living in your own room gives you the freedom to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Reduced Risk of Disease

Finally, private rooms greatly reduce the chance of catching a disease. As in any building where people spend a great deal of time together, disease can spread quickly through nursing homes. The closer the residents live together, the easier the disease spreads. However, if you have your room to yourself, you’ll have less of a chance of catching something from the other residents.


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