The Benefits of Assisted Living


It can be really hard to see someone you love start to lose their abilities with age. If you have been concerned about your elderly loved one receiving their needed care, then you should consider an assisted living facility. Here at LakePoint Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, we love to help people receive the care they need and to provide their families with some welcome assurance that they have done what is best for their loved one. The following is a list of some of the important things we offer our clients:


Social interaction: Loneliness and depression are things many elderly people face. Their age and the loss of their loved ones can create a very isolating feeling. In our facilities we can help with this by providing some much needed social interaction with other people of their same age and life experience.

Medical care: Aging is hard on the body and can create the necessity for medical attention. We have trained medical personnel on our staff to provide this needed care.

Mobility options: If your loved one is having a hard time getting around, then we can find a way to rectify this situation. We are happy to provide transportation from the facility to doctors appointments and other engagements. Within the facility, we will also provide wheelchairs or a supporting arm to ensure your loved one can get around without the risk of falling.

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