The Difference between Dedicated Nonmedical Care and Attentive Medical Care


The needs of an aging individual vary based on a number of issues. Sometimes dedicated non-medical care is enough, while other circumstances require attentive medical care. Here are the differences between those two types of care.

Dedicated Non-Medical Care

Non-medical care includes any type of help provided that does not require a medical degree. These types of care items include helping with bathing, getting dressed, fixing meals, and other chores. Sometimes it means mowing the lawn or vacuuming the living room. Sometimes it includes shopping for groceries. Sometimes it involves simple companionship. While a non-medical care provider may provide reminders to take medication, this is not a medical care position.

This type of non-medical care can adjust on a day-to-day basis depending on the specific and changing needs of the individual.

Attentive Medical Care

Medical care goes beyond the non-medical care in that these trained individuals also take care of a client’s medical needs. This includes treating chronic health issues like diabetes and dementia, monitoring vitals, and administering medication as needed. Attentive medical care services are individualized to the specific medical needs of each patient and may include physical therapy or other types of individual therapies as necessary for the health and well-being of each individual.

Whether your family member needs dedicated non-medical care or more attentive medical care will depend on specific needs that may change over time as well.


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