The Differences between an ALF and an SNF


It’s common for people to need a little help with daily activities at some point in their lives. If you or a loved one has gone through surgery, is dealing with a serious medical condition, or is simply growing older, it may be necessary to seek professional help. The 2 most common options in these cases are assisted living facilities (ALF) and skilled nursing facilities (SNF).

Assisted Living Facilities

An ALF is set up to provide assistance with routine activities such as meal preparation, transportation, and household chores. This is a good option for people with certain disabilities or elderly people who are no longer able to keep up with the housework. Assisted living facilities allow residents to retain as much independence as possible, while providing them with help in the areas where it’s needed.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

An SNF is specifically designed for people who require a greater degree of medical care. They can be used either on a short-term or a long-term basis. For example, someone coming out of surgery may require a brief stay at an SNF until they are able to care for themselves again. Staff members can help with rehabilitation and medications while taking care of routine chores.

On the other hand, someone suffering from a condition like Alzheimer’s may need to live at an SNF, where they can receive constant care and supervision by medical professionals.

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