The Differences between an SNF and an ALF


Knowing the right decision to make when a family member needs more care than you can provide is hard. Being in charge can be difficult, and there can be confusing acronyms thrown at you when going through this process. Two you may have heard are SNF and ALF. Here’s a breakdown of each of these terms, and what they mean.

SNF or Skilled Nursing Facility

An SNF is a facility that’s there for patients that need more skilled services because they require more invasive procedures or treatments that someone with a medical background needs to handle. This facility is often a nursing home environment that most people think of when it comes to senior care.

ALF or Assisted Living Facility

An ALF is a facility that’s more like an apartment complex or senior community where some assistance can be provided by trained staff, but isn’t as medically intensive. The services provided by this type of facility are typically daily living activities, medication management, laundry, housekeeping, social activities, and meals.

Making the Decision

Some people automatically assume that their senior needs to go to an SNF, but an ALF can often still be an option depending on the needs of your loved one. Examining both of these options when it comes to your family will help to give you peace of mind in making your future decisions.

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