The Function of Rehabilitation Centers


When you have a medical procedure or illness that hospitalizes you, there are times when your doctor will not allow you to simply return home without first entering a rehabilitation center. Let’s take a look at what a rehabilitation center is and the benefits it offers.

What Is a Rehabilitation Center?

Often a transition place, a rehabilitation center is a place to go from the hospital if you are no longer in need of hospital services but still need specialized medical care or other care prior to returning to your home. For example, after surgery, a rehabilitation center can provide medical oversight for medication, provide the therapy necessary to get you back on your feet, and keep a sharp eye out for any complications. It is a temporary living situation that provides specific care as directed by your doctor, and then the help and support necessary to get you transitioned back to your home or into a nursing home, whichever is most appropriate for your situation.

Benefits of a Rehabilitation Center

If you live alone, it is particularly helpful to have the extra care provided from a rehabilitation center prior to returning to your home if you have been hospitalized. You can take the time to regain your strength and mobility while in the care of specially trained nurses and staff who can care for your needs as you recover.

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