Tips for Making the Move to Assisted Living Easier


Moving your loved one into assisted living is a difficult decision, and the first few months are often especially hard on the person making the move. Communication during this time is essential: it helps if your loved one understands why the move is necessary and can have as much input into the process as possible. Here are 3 more tips to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Find Ways to Personalize

When someone finds him or herself suddenly moved out of the home they’ve had for years, it can help to have familiar pictures, blankets, and other objects around for comfort. One good idea is to hang a bulletin board with pictures of friends and family, as well as postcards and other mail they receive. Check with the nursing home to see what items are prohibited from the rooms: some things, such as live plants, throw rugs, or large pieces of furniture may not be acceptable.

Keep Familiar Routines

Just because your loved one is living in a nursing home doesn’t mean he or she can’t keep the same routines as before. If they have a favorite barber or like to go to lunch once a week, do your best to visit these places with them as often as you can. If they have hobbies such as playing the piano or gardening, find out if there are chances to continue them at the assisted living facility. The more ties they can retain to their old routines, the more comfortable they’ll feel.

Keep Visiting

Most importantly, visit your loved one as much as possible. Although there will be plenty of other people at the facility, there’s nothing like getting a visit from family and friends. Encourage friends to write or send photos every so often if they can’t come out to visit in person. Call them on the phone from time to time just to see how they’re doing. It doesn’t take much time or effort on your part, but it can make a world of difference to someone in an assisted living facility.


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