Tips for Making the Move to Assisted Living Easier


The move to assisted living is a big adjustment for seniors, and can be a bit scary. The best way to adjust is to be prepared for what is to come and have a plan. Here are tips for making the move to assisted living easier.


Family members should certainly help with the sorting and packing of items, but let the senior decide what to take. The loss of independence is an understandable fear for many people who move to assisted living, and it is imperative their decision-making capacity and independence are valued.

Get Involved

Seniors who move to assisted living should have a schedule of activities ahead of time. Have them pick two or three activities that sound interesting and attend those right away. This will allow for getting familiar with the facility and socializing with other residents, helping to make the transition fun rather than overwhelming.

Gather Information

The person making the move should familiarize themselves with as much information as possible prior to the move. Knowing the dimensions of the room aids in planning what furniture and household items to bring. Being familiar with the policies, services, and layout of the facility helps the future resident ease into the transition mentally. Often it is the unknown that is frightening, so the more the senior knows about what lies ahead, the more comfortable they will be with the transition.

While the move to assisted living is an adjustment, it needn’t be a bad one. Encourage your aging relative to ask a lot of questions, and be sensitive to their needs and concerns. The more he or she knows about what to expect, the smoother the transition will be.

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