Tips for Selecting an Assisted Living Facility


Making the decision to move to an assisted living facility or to move a loved one to a safter place is never easy. What’s even harder is choosing where to move. Here are tips for selecting an assisted living facility.


To begin to narrow down the search, consider what is essential: church, family, friends, doctor’s visits, etc. Choose facilities that keep these things accessible. Equally important is the availability of transportation so you or your relative can remain socially active outside the walls of the facility.

Future Needs

While it’s imperative the assisted living facility meets the current needs of your relative, equally important is how the facility will meet the needs down the road.  Are there health issues like Parkinson’s disease or dementia that may require greater assistance in the future? Inquire as to the extent of the medical care available and the different levels of care the facility offers.

Visit Facilities

Tour as many facilities as you can. This will give you a sense of the different atmospheres, activities, and services available. Once you have a handful that you like, do unannounced visits. It’s one thing to schedule a tour where staff can prepare ahead of time, but you’ll get a better feel for what the facility is really like when you make a spontaneous visit. Do one of these during the day and another at night when there are different staff present. During these visits, talk to the residents to find out what they do and don’t like about the facility. This is where you’ll likely get the most honest feedback.

There are many choices available for assisted living, and they all will offer something unique with their own advantages and disadvantages. Begin by assessing what it is most important, consider their current and future needs, and then visit your top choices to narrow your search.

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