Tips for Touring Assisted Living Communities


If you or a loved one is considering moving to an assisted living community, then you ought to know that they come at a very wide range of price points. Each one has specific benefits and amenities available, so it’s important to go through and tour a few before selecting one. Here are some key tips for finding the best assisted living center for your situation.

Check Out How Clean It Is

If you walk in and the facility feels and smells old and musty, you might want to look elsewhere. Don’t only look at the furnishings, but check out the baseboards, corners, and windows. Ask them how often housekeeping is done in each resident’s living space.

Go During an Activity

Try to schedule your tour during a time when residents are going to be involved in an activity or event. You might want to consider even participating in some of the activities. See how many attendees there are at the activity and make a note if the staff is involved and enjoying it as well.

Make Sure You Feel at Home

When you’re taking a tour of a facility, think about whether you’ll be able to feel totally at home there. Are there stringent visiting hours or security check-ins? Are the living spaces more like those you’d find in an apartment or are they hospital-like? An assisted living community is above all a home and a community, so it should feel as comfortable and homey as possible.


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