Tips for Touring Assisted Living Communities


There are a lot of reasons to choose assisted living for one of your aging parents. Assisted living can allow them to continue their independence while engaging them in fun activities and social opportunities. At LakePoint Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, we can help you find the best assisted living community with these 3 tips.

Keep an Eye on Cleanliness

The first thing you are obviously going to want to look for is the level of cleanliness of the facility. Look at the furniture as well as the small details, such as the baseboards, corners of rooms, etc. These small details are going to keep your loved ones healthy and safe.

Visit during Different Times of Day

The facility is going to seem exceptionally quiet and peaceful if you conduct your tours during the hours that residents are all sleeping. Make sure to visit at different times of day, such as during mealtimes or during activities.

Pay Attention to Interactions with Staff

It may not seem that big a deal if you enter the facility and the front desk receptionist acts coldly towards you, but you need to pay close attention to these interactions. The interactions you have with all of the staff at the facility are an indicator of the treatment your parent will receive.

Assisted living may be the best option for your aging parent, but you won’t know for sure until you have toured a few communities to determine if they will work for you. Keep these tips in mind to help you make the best decision.


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