Types of Activities at Assisted Living Facilities


If your loved one is in an assisted living facility, you want to ensure that they are receiving much more than just the basic necessities. You want them to have a full, enjoyable life, with daily activities that they can look forward to taking part in. Keep reading to learn what types of activities you may expect to find at an assisted living facility.

Physical Activities

Nursing homes should offer activities for residents that help them to get up and get moving as much as they are able to. There should be a wide range of activities to suit a wide range of abilities. From assisted walks around the grounds to more physical activities like aerobics, your loved one should be able to find a way to get some exercise, no matter their current physical condition.

Social Activities

Residents should also have ample opportunities to participate in social activities, where they can meet and bond with other residents of the facility. This may include activities like movie nights, sewing circles, book clubs, or any number of other activities that cater to residents’ interests. The ability to socialize with their peers can help residents to stay positive and avoid the depression that so many senior citizens are prone to.

Family Activities

Families should also be encouraged to come and visit their loved ones, so the facilities should offer activities that family members are invited to. Perhaps there are family game nights, or specific times when family members can take their loved ones away from the facility for a special outing. Whatever it is, family members should always be welcomed at the facility.

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