Warning Signs of Bad Senior Care Facilities


In general, most nursing homes provide the best care possible for their residents. Still, there will always be those horror stories that can make you anxious about choosing a facility for your loved one. To put your mind at ease, here is a list of warning signs that you can look for that may indicate poor care.

Evading Questions

It’s okay for staff members to occasionally not know the answer to your question, but they should always try to find an answer if possible. But if you feel that the staff members are being evasive when you ask them questions about staff-to-patient ratios, the level of care, and other such issues, this should be a red flag. They should never have anything to hide.

Frazzled Staff

Pay attention to not only the residents’ countenances, but the demeanor of the staff members as well. Do they seem frazzled and overworked? Do they show signs of stress or agitation? While hospice care can be a stressful field, staff shouldn’t be so stressed that you can spot it at a glance. A harried, stressed-out staff is a sign that there aren’t enough staff members, which means your loved one likely won’t get the individualized attention you desire.

Lack of Improvements

Ask about recent improvements made to the facility and any new activities that may have been instituted. Any good senior care facility should always strive to improve the level of care they provide, so if the facility you’re considering seems to have stagnated in the type of care they provide, you should look elsewhere.

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