What Does a Nursing Home Activity Director Do?


We know that a nursing home activity director plays a very important role in a nursing home. From organizing outings and events to ensuring that residents remain engaged, a nursing home activity director has many roles and responsibilities. Here are 3 of her primary duties.

1. Schedule and Plan Events and Outings

Events and outings are very important to the emotional well-being of the residents. A nursing home activity director coordinates outings to restaurants, theaters and festivals, and events within the residence as well. An activity director will make phonecalls and arrange for different people to come into the nursing home and put on exciting programs such as concerts, magic shows, and plays.

2. Making Sure Residents Remain Active

Exercise is important at all ages. Part of an activity director’s role is to ensure that residents are getting ample opportunities to engage in fun and entertaining activities that promote a healthy and active lifestyle. An activity director can help setup fun movement classes and low-key activities, including yoga and stretching.

3. Monitoring Quality of Events

Not only does a nursing home activity director coordinate fun activities, she also monitors the residents’ responses to those activities. She actively seeks feedback on how many residents enjoyed the events and uses that feedback to improve upon further events. She is always looking to bring the best events to the nursing home community.

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