What Is Assisted Living?


A common misconception is the idea that nursing homes and assisted living areas are the same thing. Nursing homes offer a more hands-on approach than assisted living. People who live in nursing homes have health problems that need nearly constant attention and direct supervision. People who live in assisted living situations simply need a little help to get through daily activities like driving, meal preparation, and laundry.

As you get older, it becomes more and more difficult to complete the daily tasks that used to come so easily. When you notice that you or a loved one can no longer run errands or perform housekeeping duties, it might be time for you to consider assisted living.

Assisted living is defined simply as housing for the elderly or disabled that provides nursing, meals, and/or housekeeping if needed. For elderly people who are still able to take care of themselves, assisted living can greatly help with getting household chores and errands performed. Assisted living offers a less expensive residential approach to providing many of the same services that are offered through nursing homes and skilled home nurses.

While in a nursing home, you are only provided with a single room, which you may possibly have to share with another person. With assisted living communities, you are given a one-bedroom apartment or studio apartment. Most assisted living areas provide you with a small kitchen, a bathroom, living room, and bedroom, all of which are fully furnished before you move in. All communities are different and offer a wide variety of different amenities and community activities.

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