What Is Assisted Living?


As people grow older and bodies slow down, it can become difficult to perform everyday tasks. Many families will continue to care for their aging family members, but this can put an incredible strain on everyone. Relationships can be damaged and the constant care can interfere with work, recreation, and even emotional and mental health. Rather than find yourself in such a challenging circumstance, consider a simple solution like assisted living. Assisted living can be the perfect solution for individuals that need a little extra help each day, but don’t yet require the full services of a nursing home. At LakePoint Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, we’ve outlined what assisted living is and what it offers below.

Daily Assistance

Assisted living is exactly what it sounds like. An individual can live independently in an assisted living community and receive a little extra help for the few daily tasks that are now difficult to perform. Otherwise, these individuals live full and active independent lives. Some common tasks that people receive help for include managing medication, bathing, dressing, grooming, cooking, cleaning, transportation, and laundry. This is a great solution for seniors who still want to live as independently as possible, but can get the help they need to do so. Furthermore, the burden isn’t placed on a family member so there aren’t hurt feelings and tensed relationships. Instead, family members can enjoy their time together and everyone’s happier.

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