What Is Skilled Nursing?


Aging can be a delicate and emotional process for many individuals. It’s difficult as bodies and minds slow down and don’t recover quite as quickly. As many people age, it becomes difficult for them to care for themselves. It is in these circumstances that a skilled nursing facility may come in handy. If you or a loved one has declining health and needs some extra daily care, we recommend you look into a skilled nursing facility. Below, LakePoint Nursing & Rehabilitation Center describes what a skilled nursing facility is and who it’s right for.

What is Skilled Nursing?

A skilled nursing facility is commonly called a nursing home and, although they are similar, they are actually a few differences. The biggest difference is that skilled nursing facilities are covered by Medicare and nursing homes aren’t. So, skilled nursing facilities have to meet certain criteria to qualify. Some common criteria include a transfer agreement with a hospital in case of emergency, licensed nurses and doctors, and licensed physical and occupational therapists. A skilled nursing facility is a little different than assisted living. At a skilled nursing facility, residents receive more intense care than help with eating, dressing, grooming, cleaning, and cooking. Instead, you may receive medication management, physical or occupational therapy, speech therapy, and other medical management.

Who is it for?

Skilled nursing facilities are great for anyone that needs daily medical care that they can’t provide themselves. This is often good for the elderly, especially following events like heart attacks, strokes, and surgeries.

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